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ABC-Groep is an all-in-one ICT partner where we build the digital future of our customers with a team of passionate and professional staff.

All-in-one IT partner

ACE (.NET), Beyond-it (Microsoft 365), and Cereus (Java & ICT management) have joined forces to become an all-in-one ICT partner.

All-in-one IT partner

Guy Hendrickx


We put a strong emphasis on personal coaching so that our people learn the necessary expertise. This allows us to best help our clients with their challenges.

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Our vision

As an ICT service provider, it is more important than ever to focus on innovation and expertise. Our people therefore come first: they always form a community around certain technologies. Starting from our three core values "growth", "trust" and "commitment", ABC-Groep wants to support their people as much as possible to bring out the best in them. As real ABC-Groep ambassadors they work on a variety of ICT challenges of our customers. ABC-Groep has the ambition to become the most qualitative and complete ICT service provider in Flanders.

Core values

Get to know the ABC-Groep corporate culture through the key values within the company. This is what we stand for and this is what we go for. With both customers and employees.


We strongly believe that we grow when our people grow. The ABC employee wants to achieve more and more both personally and professionally and strives to become a better version of themselves. Thanks to personal coaching, the employee continues to challenge himself or herself and further develop his or her competencies. Our clients benefit from the result: high-quality projects realized by passionate employees.


We aim to be an honest and transparent partner for both employees and clients. By emphasizing trust and open communication, we all work towards the same goal: building long-term partnerships together.


As an employer, we find it incredibly important to provide a platform where people can come together. A variety of activities are organized based on different interests. Are you sporty? Or do you prefer to attend the monthly cinema nights? Perhaps you lean towards professional development and prefer technical workshops? Our mission is only fulfilled when people take pride in working at ABC-Groep and become true ambassadors of the company!