IT Management

IT management requires specialized skills. In many cases, SMEs do not have IT experts on staff or have limited knowledge.

At ABC-Groep, you gain access to expertise without the need to hire full-time specialists. You can focus on your business and continue with daily activities knowing that your IT systems are well-managed.

Starting from an IT audit

Before entering into a long-term partnership with our clients, we typically conduct an IT audit to thoroughly map out your IT infrastructure.

This audit reveals the strengths, as well as the areas for improvement or weak points in your IT environment. Additionally, customized recommendations are provided to optimize and secure your network.

Starting from an IT audit

Proactive management tailored to your environment

ABC-Groep will proactively manage your IT environment rather than reactively. Unplanned outages are detected and resolved more quickly.

You can log and track support tickets.

All management on workstations and servers including updates of Windows patches, drivers, and firmware.

All tasks related to maintaining and servicing the environment.

Your workstations and servers are actively monitored. If any discrepancies occur, they are proactively resolved or, if necessary, we will contact you to discuss the issue.

For a fixed monthly fee, you no longer have to worry about ensuring that your IT systems are well-managed.

Proactive management tailored to your environment

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