One IT Partner for SharePoint and IT Management
Pieter van Gelooven 16/04/2024

One IT Partner for SharePoint and IT Management

In the constantly evolving world of IT, having reliable partners who can meet a broad array of needs is crucial. At ABC-Groep, as an IT partner with both a Managed Services team and a specialized SharePoint team, we strive to consolidate all aspects of IT within the same organization.

Simplicity and Flexibility 

The close collaboration between the Managed Services team and the SharePoint team provides simplicity and flexibility. While the Managed Services team focuses on the daily management and support of your IT infrastructure, our SharePoint team is ready for larger modifications or developing entirely new structures within your SharePoint environment. This synergy ensures that your IT environment runs smoothly, while simultaneously allowing you to benefit from advanced SharePoint solutions.

Single Point of Contact for the End User

When issues or new projects arise, it can sometimes be unclear which party to contact for adjustments in the SharePoint environment. This often represents a gray area. Although the Managed Services team has basic knowledge of SharePoint and can make minor adjustments, significant structural changes require specialized knowledge. At ABC-Groep, this gray area is eliminated because the Managed Services team always serves as the point of contact and is directly connected with the SharePoint team.

Documentation and Aftercare

Upon completion of a SharePoint project for the end user, everything is meticulously documented, enabling the user to request modifications via the service desk of our Managed Services team, which then implements them. This provides convenience for the end user, as they have only one point of contact and do not need to approach different partners for various issues.

Clear License Management

It is often unclear whom the end user should approach to obtain an additional (SharePoint) license. However, at ABC-Groep, this is clearly defined: the Managed Services team manages the Microsoft tenant and thus the licenses. This approach avoids confusion and back-and-forth communication for the end user about who is responsible for adjusting the licenses.

Financially Advantageous

The aforementioned benefits often make it financially attractive to choose a partner that manages both SharePoint and IT. With this extensive range of services, we can offer operational and financial added value to companies.

Our team of experts is always ready to support you with all your IT-related challenges, whether it involves resolving technical issues, implementing new solutions, or providing training and support to your staff.