Techorama 2024: A Festive Edition with ABC-Groep Colleagues
Dave Brouwers 14/05/2024

Techorama 2024: A Festive Edition with ABC-Groep Colleagues

Welcome to Techorama 2024, the Fun Fair Edition, in honour of the 10th anniversary. Techorama, a leading technology event that offers a wealth of insights for IT professionals, developers, and innovators, took place this year from May 6 to May 8. Over three days, our colleagues could discover the latest trends and innovations in a setting that combines serious content with light-hearted moments, such as the presence of a mentalist, a juggler, mini-games, and a funfair

In the dynamic world of technology and innovation, it is crucial for professionals to stay updated on the latest developments and trends continually. For two notable colleagues from ABC Group, this was no different. Before we delve into the most notable sessions that our two colleagues attended, let us first get to know them: Ouadia Azidan and Thomas Claessens. 

Ouadia, a seasoned software developer with a passion for new technologies, is known for his sharp mind and his ability to solve complex problems.

Thomas is a young and ambitious IT consultant always looking for ways to expand his skills and deepen his knowledge.

Here are some of the most notable sessions that caught their attention:

- "Level Up with GitHub Copilot - A Journey to Customization" by April Yoho
GitHub Copilot is much more than just a chat/suggestion feature; you can also scan the codebase for secrets, dependency issues, etc.

- "The Developer's Guide to AI-Powered Apps with Semantic Kernel" by Stijn Castelyns
Semantic Kernel is an open-source SDK (Software Development Kit) that makes it easy to build AI agents that can call your existing code. It acts as an orchestration layer between large AI language models and your code, enabling you to create new experiences for users.

- “Murder Under the Big Top: An Azure AI Vision Mystery” by Michelle Sandford
How can you detect objects using AI?

- “Building Cloud Native AI Apps with .NET 8” by Scott Hunter
An overview of how to build and deploy a distributed application in Azure with .NET Aspire.

In short, Techorama 2024 was a fantastic experience for our ABC Group colleagues. They returned with new knowledge, inspiration, and valuable contacts. We are already looking forward to Techorama 2025!

Want to know more about Techorama? Check out the official website for the full program and information on future editions.

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