About Absoluut vzw

Absolutely vzw is an organization within the disability sector. Specifically, they support people with disabilities who receive a budget from the government to organize their own support. The task of Absolutely vzw is to make their dreams and wishes a reality.

About Absoluut vzw

Desired solution

To achieve and organize this, the smooth operation of the IT environment is crucial for business activities. For ICT management, the company relies on the expertise of Cereus, which ensures increased productivity among end users.


"Cereus works with us collaboratively; as a non-profit organization, we don't have a large budget to execute big projects all at once. Therefore, they implement infrastructure projects gradually over several months, allowing us to build a good IT environment step by step."

The constant presence of a helpful helpdesk undoubtedly increases the productivity of our employees. "They always get an answer to their IT questions," explains Thijs Callens.

The Managed Services team at Cereus is pleased to receive such wonderful compliments and will do everything to maintain this collaboration.



Used solutions

Used expertises

Thanks to the helpdesk of ABC-Groep, we can always count on an experienced employee who is familiar with our infrastructure."

Thijs Callens Coördinator financiën en beleid bij Absoluut vzw
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