About Phished

ABC-Groep's collaboration with Phished, a pioneer in AI-driven Security Awareness Training, aims to address the human factor in preventing cyberattacks. With 90% of all data breaches originating from human error, focusing on the human element is more critical than ever to protect your finances, reputation, employees, and assets.

The award-winning Phished platform ensures permanent behavioral change through a holistic combination of personalized simulations, security awareness training sessions, active reporting, and threat intelligence.

About Phished

A holistic approach to the Security Awareness Training

Phished offers a holistic approach to the Security Awareness of your organization. Since awareness alone is not sufficient, it's important to provide your employees with comprehensive training that works on all fronts. Thanks to four core features, security awareness and behavior within the organization are measured and combined in the Phished Behavioural Risk Score™ (BRS).

1. Send personalized phishing simulations without manual intervention

Improve your organization's cyber resilience by imparting the necessary skills to your employees to recognize and deal with real cyber threats. AI-driven phishing and smishing simulations help them identify their weaknesses and improve them.

2. Stop phishing dangers with the click of a button

Structurally change the behavior of your employees by ensuring that they report all phishing emails. This improves their own Behavioural Risk Score™ and helps stop real threats before they cause harm.

3. Change dangerous behavior with short, snackable microlearnings

Teach employees how to handle every type of threat with time-efficient, frictionless microlearnings on a wide range of topics, in various formats. Checkpoint tests measure their skills and influence their Behavioural Risk Scores™.

4. Gain real-time insight into current and future threats

Gain insight into all risks for your organization and employees. Automatically send notifications to employees when cyber threats target them, their network, or the organization. This drastically increases their vigilance.

Build your Human Firewall with The Phished Behavioural Risk Score™

The Phished Behavioural Risk Score™ (BRS) predicts the likelihood of individuals or the organization being hacked. It is a single measurable number that provides you and management with insight into the security status of the organization and shows how it can improve.

The BRS is calculated based on concrete parameters such as data and history. It is continuously updated by measuring the behavior of employees and the organization as a whole.

Gain insight into the BRS of the entire organization, or delve deeper into the level of departments, teams, or individual employees. Start today!

Build your Human Firewall with The Phished Behavioural Risk Score™

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