About Borit

Borit NV was founded in 2010 and is located in Geel. Borit's mission is to contribute to the clean energy economy by developing a leading and efficient production infrastructure for thin metal bipolar plate assemblies for fuel cells and electrolysis devices. A unique production process was developed for the production of these very thin (0.1 mm) metal plates.

About Borit

Desired solution

ABC-Groep and Borit NV look back on a longstanding and successful collaboration. Initially, Borit NV engaged ABC-Groep to develop their ERP system. Over time, the collaboration expanded further. Due to Borit NV's rapid growth, there were frequent meetings with ABC-Groep to scale their infrastructure for the upcoming expansion.
Borit NV has collaborated with various divisions within ABC-Groep and leverages the diverse expertise that ABC-Groep has to offer. Borit NV utilizes solutions such as an ERP solution (Dynapps), SharePoint (Beyond-IT), Office365, Cloud Services, and subscribes to Managed Services (Cereus) from ABC-Groep.
As such, Borit NV is a valued customer that trusts ABC-Groep with the management of their infrastructure and business operations.


Regularly, the infrastructure situation is discussed and reviewed. Borit NV's desires to make optimal use of the latest technologies such as cloud services and Office365 are discussed, planned, and executed together with the ABC Group.