About Orfit Industries

Orfit Industries is a global leader in developing and producing thermoplastic material for the medical sector. The production of this material is done through extrusion. This complex production process is entirely controlled by "i-Extrude," an intelligent and user-friendly application tailored based on Microsoft SharePoint Server 2019.




The management of recipes and production parameters for different products is carried out by specific roles within the application. Before producing a product order (PO), there is an entire preparation process, including composition and approval, setting specific parameters, inventory control, and scheduling. With one click, operators on the production line can access all production parameters per lot. The application identifies deviations, thereby enhancing quality and reliability. All inputted data is tracked to ensure complete traceability.


The large amount of data entered and generated provides the opportunity to generate reports for post-calculations, syntheses, quality controls, and so on.

Used solutions